Your Personal Guide To Inner Freedom
Wayne Parker

Wayne has gained a lifetime of experience which basically started way back in the period of love and peace and has emerged once again in this new millennium. Although a corporate career of some 25 years changed his priorities, he has regained his natural abilities to look into ones self to see where blockages exist and how to help see alternative choices within one self. He believes that energy is an amazing part of our life and that anyone is capable of manipulating it for the highest good self.

He has brought together a philosophy for today's life that truly works. His philosophy is based on the combined ideas that 1. unconditional love of life, self and all beings, 2. experiencing life through all six senses and 3. faith in one self allows mastery over our own experience, allows joy to become an everyday experience no matter what is going on around us.

Combining the above, we come to realize that we are responsible for who we are and the direction of our path to move us further away from the poor me aspect that continues to hold us back in life. Once one begins to look at our true capacities of inner love, responsibility and freedom, one can move forward with the magical life that each of us may create or recreate.

The Magic Happens
Wayne is the founder of the popular online magazine, The Magic Happens: Humanity Thriving Out Loud.
The magazine works from the philosophy that human kind are not physical beings here to discover their spirituality but rather human kind are beings of spirit here to learn the joys of being physical and apply their spiritual nature to their physical experience.

Thriving out loud means to live in joy where all can see and become a beacon of that joy so that others can follow on the path of unconditional love, inner freedom and personal magic.

The Magic Happens seeks to present, through a variety of contributors, the idea that joyful living comes from an attitude of unconditional love for all of life rather then a life where nothing ever goes wrong. Life is challenging and each challenge we face each day is an opportunity to choose to push against what is or choose to accept and thrive through the experience.

For many years, Wayne has been assisting people all over this planet to discover themselves as powerful beings using his own intuition based methods. As an intuitive channeler, Wayne assists people to rediscover themselves in new and powerful ways by assisting them to develop their own inner freedom system.

Those working with Wayne in an intense weekly program discover how they block their own powerful energy as he leads them through a process of unleashing the power that is their own human potential. They gain a fresh perspective of themselves and recreate their personal magic signature in this life. They find out how to make their life work so they can experience the joy that is available to all of human kind. Read more