Your Personal Guide To Inner Freedom
Wayne Parker


I have known and worked with Wayne Parker for 10 years. In any and all situations, be they happy or times of sadness or conflict, Wayne is THE GUY that is Always Steady, Calm, Focused, Reliable, Accountable and Aligned. He is the Master of Appreciation and has taught me much so much by his example.

Have Known Wayne for close to 10 years. In all these years, there is one gift that Wayne brings which is absolutely priceless. He carries an incredible energy fused with tremendous calm and ease. When first working with him, I was pretty much a type A personality, business wise. Within 3-4 months of allowing myself to see things through his perspective, I felt like a totally different person, experiencing that work that can indeed include fun along with being stress FREE. Wayne has a way of shifting the perspective of things that embrace ease as part of the equation. Wayne - much love and blessings - life and work are a great blend these days. and if things don't include fun and ease, - I don't work with it!
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Wayne Parker The only person who can walk me through a situation without firing up my anger with his kind and gentle demeanor. While having our conversations he makes me look within myself for the answers. Wayne guides me into turning a tricky situation around to find appropriate solutions that work for my life. He is a calm and direct coach, never judging, never blaming but will catch me if I'm not speaking my truth's. Allowing me a way to see a issue from a different perspective shining a light into a dark area to see the sparkle hidden in there. After a very short time my "chaos" is calmed and we get to the root of an issue and yet he doesn't supply answers, he guides me to the answers.