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Cover Design by: Wayne Parker

Our Intentions For The Magic Happens:

  • To be an advocate of living now in personal freedom

  • To be an example to those who are seeking personal freedom

  • To provide entertaining, interesting and growth promoting content

  • To assemble a team of Thriving contributors to offer many examples

  • To speed up our personal growth through exposing ourselves

  • To reach 4 million or more readers by July 1, 2011

Introduction to The Magic Happens, Humanity Thriving Out Loud, Spring 2011 Edition.

Happy daffodils! Spring is in the air!

Welcome to The Magic Happens.

The Magic Happens Crew would like to inform all of our faithful readers that we will be on hiatus. We are looking at a whole new format but still keeping within the original intentions of the magazine. Please see above. We thank each and everyone and will give lots of advance warning when the newly styled magazine we be back online.

For those visiting for the first time you may wish to check out the archives section below of our past editions. Thank you.

In Gratitude
TMH Crew

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This is a free magazine
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This is a free magazine
Your donations will help keep it free.

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